Mellel Spotlight plugin  v.2.5

Mellel Spotlight plugin is a plugin that makes Mellel documents searchable via Spotlight.

MellelBackup  v.0.2

MellelBackup is a small tool that allows you to backup and restore all your Mellel styles and settings.


Hebrew Spelling Service  v.1.5.1

Hebrew Spelling Service adds Hspell's Hebrew spelling dictionary to Mac OS X's built-in spell checker.

Stafsetning 2004  v.1.0.5

Stafsetning 2004 — System wide Icelandic spell checker for Mac OS X and Microsoft Word.

PakaPaka  v.1.1

••• It's free for a limited time •••PakaPaka is a dummy text generator with brains - fun and useful.

FontCard  v.1.4

FontCard is a haxie that modifies the Font menu in Carbon and Cocoa applications.

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